Bucket List: Marrakech

If you are headed to the hectic and chaotic madness that IS Marrakech I would suggest doing a little bit of research beforehand so you aren’t bombarded with a sensory overload. By research, I generally mean; scrolling through social media and pinning your favorite sites. Below is my bucket list of what to do with … More Bucket List: Marrakech

Sofia & Skopje

A Weekend Guide to Sofia & Skopje If you asked me two years ago if I even knew what or where the Balkans were I would have awkwardly laughed and wished I paid more attention in geography. Two years when I first started my crazy dream to visit all the EU countries there were a … More Sofia & Skopje


When someones mentions Germany, I automatically think of Munich and Berlin. Both of which are huge attractions to people all over the world but also so very different from one another. I have outlined how to spend the perfect weekend, chillaxing in the Bavarian capital, home of Oktoberfest, beer, bratwurst and a day trip to … More Munich


A Weekend in Edinburgh Everything people say or you have read about Scotland is true. The people love whisky. LOVE whisky. Some of the friendliest people I’ve encountered. The accents are thicker than the whisky they love so much. The streets take you back in time to a different era liked with abbeys and cobblestone … More Edinburgh