A European Bucket List

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.

A European Bucket List | Chasing Krista | Europe

One of my favorite views is out the window of a plane. Normally because that means I got the window seat & I get to take a nap. But most importantly because when you fly above the clouds it puts life in a different perspective. Whether you are going to a new city to explore or returning home.
The look out of that window always means adventure to me.

My European Bucket List

  • Visit every country in the EU with an iconic photo
  • Jump off a rock into clear Croatian waters
  • Sunrise kayak on Lake Killarney
  • Drink some vino Verde with Pastéis de Belém in Belem, Portugal 
  • Try Delirium Beer at the Delirium Bar in Brussels
  • Eat waffles in Belgium
  • Eat a French crepe in Paris 
  • Visit the Grand Place in Brussel
  • Take a cooking class in Italy 
  • Ride in a gondola 
  • Walk the halls of the Vatican inside the Vatican City
  • Row on a boat on Lake Bled
  • Drive across a country
  • eat a Trdelnik in Prague
  • Visit the little islands of Venice
  • Hike Preikestolen in Norway 
  • Visit Gothenburg
  • write a love letter to the Juliet wall in Verona, Italy
  • Gawk at the reflection of the Budapest Parliament building on the Danube River
  • Go sledding in the Black Forest in Hinterzarten, Germany
  • Drink burgundy in Burgundy, champagne in Champagne and bordeaux in Bordeaux
  • See the tulips in Amsterdam
  • skinny dipping in Lake Como
  • watch the sunrise on the St. Charles bridge in Prague 
  • Try a macaroon in France
  • Hike to the top of the peak in Positano, Italy
  • Thermal Spa day in the Budapest baths 
  • Gamble in Monaco
  • Prost in Germany (either at Oktoberfest, Springfest or a weekend)
  • Boat the canals of Amsterdam 
  • Heniken Headquarters in Amsterdam
  • Drink beer in the Old Train Station in Berlin
  • Warm up with glühwein in the European Christmas markets
  • Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
  • Fingal’s Cave, Scotland
  • Meet Mozart in Vienna
  • Lick the walls of the salt mines in Salzburg 
  • Drink a bottle of wine under the Eiffel Tower 
  • Be a Viking in the Vasa Museum 
  • Graduate from the Guinness Academy with the perfect pour
  • Buy real leather in Italy
  • hike to waterfalls Slovenia
  • Listen to the bells toll on Big Ben 
  • Watch the sunset in Santorini, Greece
  • Go inside Westminister Abbey
  • Pamukkale, Turkey
  • Giants Causeway, Ireland
  • Witness the Northern Lights (in Norway or Iceland)
  • Visit Stonehenge
  • Attend high tea in London 
  • Have a shower in Bath, England
  • Try a new food in every new city
  • Walk across the Stari Most in Mostar, Bosnia 
  • See the Royal Jewels at the Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Eat currywurst in Berlin, Germany
  • Go to a flamenco show in Spain (specifically Sevilla)
  • Drive to Trieste, Italy
  • Cliffs of Moher, Ireland
  • Time-travel through mythology in Greece
  • Get lost in Bruges, Belgium
  • Library of Scotland
  • Walk the Berlin Wall
  • Auschwitz in Krakow, Poland
  • Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland
  • Visit the capital of Slovenia and attempt to pronounce it to the locals (Ljubljana) 
  • Eat a Stroopwafels in Amsterdam 
  • Try paella in Spain 
  • Lay in the purple flowers of Hallerbos, Belgium
  • Get lost in the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul
  • Visit Einstein’s home in Bern, Switzerland
  • Venice Carnival
  • Do a walking tour of Bratislava
  • Spend a weekend in Cinque Terre
  • The Church of the Savior in St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Red Square in Moscow, Russia
  • Walk the bridge from Liechtenstein to Switzerland
  • Eat everything in the Camden Town Market 
  • Harry Potter World 
  • Learn how to make a pizza in Naples, the birthplace of pizza
  • Spend the night in a castle in Ireland


A European Bucket List | Chasing Krista | Europe

Obviously, this list keeps growing & growing and I would love to hear what you have your European Bucket List, spam with all your goodies!

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  1. This is such a good list – so inspiring! I love the idea of visiting Delirium Brewery while in Belgium! To add, once you try the waffles in Belgium, you’ll never be satisfied with a waffle from anywhere else! 🙂


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