the most relaxing 10 hour layover

Way way waaaay up north, past the unknown territories of Canada, through the icebergs within the Arctic Circle lies the volcanic land famous for a bath tub, original home of Vikings and thought to be covered in ice: Icelandia

10 hour layover; the perfect amount of time to spend a relaxing layover soaking your scrunched up body in the thermal water of a volcano.
Icelandic Air offers its passengers to break free of the airport during a layover and explore its beautiful country. We allotted 10 hours to basically soak in water after flying for ten hours with four more to go. A ten hour layover is NOT enough time to explore the beauty of Iceland but it is enough time to spent lounging at the Blue Lagoon.

Icelandic Air – they even give you pillows

Despite being an international hotspot layover the airport of Iceland is rather small and easy to maneuver. Follow the crispy air away from the tarmac towards the buses. You’ll find one labeled “Blue Lagoon” buy a ticket, hop on board and off you go. Deep (only 30 minute bus ride) within this active volcano, a land hidden by rocks covered in soft green moss and tiny splotches of bright purple flowers. Shadowed by some industrial man-made poisonous cloud making machines, lies the infamous: Blue Lagoon.



swimming in a volcano

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