The capital of China, the beating heart of this thriving and bustling country. We all know the population of China is insanely huge and rapidly growing each day. I don’t know about yourself, but Beijing (China in general) overwhelms to a point of anxiety. I have heard the rumors, seen the stories of how the … More Beijing


 little country, big beauty Andorra is a tiny little country wedged between Spain and France in the Pyrenees mountains. Although this country is only 467.6 km² in size, it is busting with big beauty. The mountains, the hikes, the spa, the shopping. If you are ever looking for a place to escape the rush of city life, Andorra … More Andorra


A sneak peek at Brussels: beer and waffles in less than 24 hours Brussels is the capital of Belgium or better known as the capital of beer and chocolate and waffles. And Brussels does not disappoint in this category. I have been to Brussels in the past for about 30 hours and well lets save … More Brussels


The fairytale city of Europe Anyone that has ever heard of the town Bruges, has heard that it is the fairytale town of Europe. The cobblestone streets, horse-drawn carriages, colorful shops and the smell of chocolate and waffles that fill the air. Bruges is just that: a fairytale. Walking around this old medieval town with … More Bruges


(this is a copy and paste from my previous blog about my time in Southeast Asia. A story about my time in Bali, this piece does not contain any advice just a recollection of my time in Bali. Next time I visit Bali, I shall write a detailed piece for you) The time I drank cat … More Bali