Katowice, Katowice

Story [lesson] Time:
A wise lesson to be learned whilst traveling via train tracks.

It was a bored, extremely hot afternoon in the construction site of rural Krakow. Deep within the alleys and turns from our hostel lay a quiet little bar. With hours to spare until our night train to Budapest, the thought of leisurely passing the time with some pizza and beer could do no harm; until we met Goushka and her shot sampler tray.


With our train leaving in a few short hours we thought a shot sampler tray; why not! **obviously no. why. what was going through our minds**after finishing our tray or two and losing a few rounds of pool and time passing, we soon realized that our train was departing in less than an hour. we RAAAAAN to the hostel, packed, checked out, RAAAANNN to the train station only to become so lost, Polish looked like it belonged in another alphabet. Frantic we ran into a kind lady that we conjured all our extra polish coins and asked her to guide us to our departing train. Finally onboard and can breathe and try to fall asleep in the most uncomfortable position with all our belongings securely strapped to our limbs and our last piece of pizza.



“KATOWICE, KATOWICE” we wake up to some woman smacking us with pamphlets and yelling Katowice. What the hell is a Katowice? It is a city. It is where we currently are. It is in the opposite direction of where we were suppose to be heading.

hungover and exhausted we stumble off the in dire search of a carbonated beverage and a solid form of food. luckily we find, we some sort of ease in the middle of the night, the platform to Budapest and climb aboard into a three tiered bunk beds. the horrifying experience of not being able to sit upright in search of water your Sahara of a throat desperately craves is an experience one can never forget.


lesson to be learn: don’t do a shots tray hours before your depart a city via train. if you do decide to do a shots tray make sure you know where you are going and board from the correct platform.


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